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Worshiping together on Sunday is a very important activity, but it is not our only activity.  We gather for fellowship, for education, for prayer, and for service.  Throughout the year, we also have a variety of special gatherings.  We also share our building, our financial resources, and our pastors with groups that serve community needs.

If you want specific information about what is happening right now or in the near future, don't be afraid to call. See contact information!


We Have resumed worship in our church, Keep social distance , mask optional , honor choice.



Community Breakfast: Every third Saturday at the church, free will donation accepted. Serving from 8-9 AM. This is not happining due to corona virus.


Service to the Community and Sharing our Resources


Town Hall Meetings: This ministry began in November 2008.  After meeting with community leaders concerning  issues in Northfield we discovered that many people desired a conversation on the issue of drug use in Northfield, at  that time, specifically heroin.  So we invited a panel of speakers and opened our doors for learning.  The event was  well attended and more Town Hall Meetings followed. 


We Celebrate Recovery,We honor the journey.

We are not affiliated with any recovery group.




Recovery Groups that meet in the church.


Alcoholics Anonymous: 
Friday’s  at 10:30 AM.  open meeting. 
Thursday Night Big Book closed group at 5:30 PM. Not meeting at this time.



Narcotics Anonymous:

Tuesday at 7:00 PM     NA Group is meeting as of 5/28/2020

Saturday at 8:00 PM   This meeting has been cancelled as of 6/27/20  

Meetings information Call 612-850-1750 (Judy) for update.



The community is welcome to use our building.  Please contact the church office with inquiries (645-7566)




Comforter Ministries: In September of 2010 we embarked on a prayer shawl and comforter ministry.  This ministry includes prayer, bible study and the creation of prayer shawls or comforters that are given to those who are in need. Meetings have changed Call 612-850-1750 for update.


Defeat of Jesse James Celebration: During Northfield's annual celebration on the 2nd weekend in September, (The church building is along the parade route.) The whole congregation takes part in operating a hot dog and pie stand, and the proceeds go into the general fund.  Cancelled for the year 2020


Winter Walk / Chili Feed   In conjunction with Northfield's WinterWalk, in which area businesses stay open later each year on the second Thursday in December to offer music, goodies and festivities we have a Chili Feed from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Cancelled for the year 2020



Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: This beautiful and traditional Moravian service is one of story and song. The scriptures telling of Jesus' birth are read, and we sing Christmas hymns together. The service includes the old custom of singing the Moravian Hymn "Morning Star", led by a child and sung responsively with the congregation. The other tradition observed in this service is the candle light service. Our beeswax candles are passed out and lit during the singing of Joy to the World; then the lights are dimmed and we sing Morning Star and Silent Night. It is a great way to celebrate the eve of Christ's birth.


Mt. Morris Retreats: There is opportunity to reserve the winter retreat lodge for a church family get-away.  There is usually lots of play time, some learning and worship time, and there is a private room with a bathroom each family or group.  There are nine rooms, so we try to fill up the place and have a wonderful time.



Adult Faith Education Opportunities: In addition to the occasional availability of adult confirmation classes, opportunities for adult education arise from time to time.  For example, we have had a Leadership Conference at Mt. Morris, a Moravian Church Retreat Center and Camp. 




Prayer Watch: Main Street Moravian Church takes its turn in a worldwide Moravian prayer tradition called the Unity  Prayer Watch.  The Prayer Watch is organized so that at every hour of every day throughout the year, somewhere in  the world there is at least one Moravian in prayer for the needs of the world and the church.


Meals on Wheels:

For one week each February the Main Street Moravian Church partners with the Unitarian  Universalists and the Quaker Church to deliver meals for folks in need.  This is a very well-organized way to serve  your community.


Special Gatherings

Outdoor Worship and Potluck: Often in the summer, usually in August, we enjoy a service outdoors in a park (to  be announced) After the service we share a potluck.

Service dogs welcomed at the church!


150th Anniversary
September 5th 1869 ---September 5th 2019 
Celebrated on September 22,2019


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